Top Secret Fat Loss Secret: How to Lose Weight Naturally

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a great natural treatment to detox your body and flush the system of harmful toxins and living worms breeding in your stomach. Not only will you shed weight using Dr Suzanne's Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, you body will be much healthier and cleansed.

However, at the completion of the treatment, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off . And to do that, you just have to eat sensibly.

Below are 4 more essential tips that will show you how to lose weight naturally, and keep the weight off -

1. Get active - Although Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a great fat loss program, you still need to be active. So say no to boring cardios - instead start working out hard using a combination of high intensity interval training and complex movement strength training. Not only do the workouts require less time (roughly 45 minutes), research has shown that high intensity workouts are far more effective than the traditional cardios. Whether you are female or male, get onto it now.

2. Getting the correct nutrition is essential to any successful diet and exercise plan and fruit, veg and starchy foods will provide you with all the necessary nutrients needed. Starchy foods should be around a third of your daily diet and just as important is eating different types of starchy foods. They are an excellent way of getting the energy that your body needs and of also getting fiber, calcium, iron and Vitamin B which are all essential for a well balanced diet.

3. Carbohydrates can be our enemy when on a diet but they can also be our friend. Good carbs are the the wholemeal kinds, vegetables and fruits. Carbs play a vital role in how the bodies metabolism is functioning. When we limit the number of carbs, our metabolism will start to drop drastically in order to preserve calories (the body thinks it's starving!). This will be fat burning to a halt - not what we want. In order to keep the metabolism and fat burning running at maximum level it's best to cycle carbs during the week.

4. Don't eat the same meals every day - just mix it up to maintain motivation - and make it enjoyable. Give yourself a favorite treat each week, like a piece of mud cake. No diet is perfect - but as long as you enjoy it in moderation. Just make sure you get straight back to your plans and exercise.

5. Choose beverages and foods that moderate your intake of sugar. More and more of our calories are coming from sugar, especially sodas and energy drinks. These provide no nutrition, just unwanted calories. So ditch the drinks including the diet kinds, and drink plenty of water, green tea or for more flavor go for the healthy smoothies.

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